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We are in Black Creek Pioneer Village, a journey back in time as everything there has frozen in the 19th century and specifically the village is inspired by the 1860s.

We see construction works in one of the buildings and two women who are visitors with their children. A watermill a little further down, an olive oil mill, a grocery store, all exact replicas of that time. Women dressed in traditional dresses and vintage hats cross the street, a carriage shows to young visitors the sights of the village and into the distance we see the civilization as a decor. We pass through a wooden bridge and meet an English-style country house.

The filmmaker puts his head into the pillory jokingly, and two ladies feel gigantic as Shakespeare's house and some other (miniatures) barely get past their hips.

Black Creek Pioneer Village opened in 1960, is located in Toronto's North York district and overlooks Black Creek, a branch of the Humber River.



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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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On the western edge of Toronto you’ll find Black Creek Pioneer Village. This is another good example of a living museum. All the houses here are 100-150 years old and furnished to match, and the various stores and shops are staffed by people in period costume, not just standing and looking pretty but actually making and selling the very same things that used to be made and sold in Canadian villages a century ago.
Have you got a rotten tomato to fling at that wretched idiot in the stocks? No? All right then, let’s go and have a look at Shakespeare’s birthplace.
Bonar, Andrew Graham