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Paphos is a coastal city in southwest Cyprus and is the capital of Paphos District.

Saint Neophytos Monastery lies 15 km west of Paphos in an isolated area in a lush landscape, is one of the best-known monasteries in Cyprus and one of the most important sites.

The film begins with a general view of the Monastery of Saint Neophytos (referred to as Saint Neophytos the Recluse), the camera approaches the staircase that leads to the entrance of the monastery and behind the entrance to the church of the Saint Neophytos. Over the main door we see a fresco which depicts the founder, Neophytos, alongside the archangels Michael and Gabriel. Then we see a balcony in a building of the complex, decorated with hagiographies (paintings that follow traditional Byzantine church decoration like the Crucifixion and the Annunciation) while under this balcony a man digs into the garden of the monastery.

The film closes with a general view of the Engleistra (Place of Seclusion) which was originally a small natural cave on the east side of a hill where Saint Neophytos lived and became an ascetic, until his death. According to the "Standard Testament", compiled by himself in 1214, he settled in the small chapel which is carved into the steep rock, in 1159.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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What’s this? It’s one of the many monasteries in Cyprus – the monastery of St. Neophytos, a good example of Byzantine architecture, containing fine frescoes and icons.
Bonar, Andrew Graham