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Aperi, that is built at the foothills of Mountain Hamali, is crossed by a green creek where we watch views of the green landscape at the beginning of the film.

The lens focuses on the foothills of the mountain and the valley where the small houses look like mosaic art, while the bell tower of the Church of Virgin Mary (built in 1855), reminds us that it is the Holy Metropolis of the whole island.

A crowded bus passes by the bridge that connects the two sides of the village and disappears as it goes down to the road.

Then, views of houses of the village and the film closes with a group of children who spend their time near the man's eternal best friend, their dog.

Aperi was the capital of Karpathos until 1892 when the Ottoman Kaymakam Ohannes Ferid Efendi (of Armenian origin) made Pigadia, capital of the island.

The village was originally built on the top of Koraki on Mountain Hamali, where there are ruins of the Venetian castle. The settlement was moved to the foothills of the mountain after signs that were left by the Virgin Mary, according to tradition.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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Down below us now is the village of Aperi, which at an earlier date was the capital of the island and is still the ecclesiastical and educational centre. It is said to be the richest village on the island, and indeed one of the richest in Greece. Why this should be is not clear, though it is certain that there is an abundance of water in the neighbourhood, and therefore of vegetation. And it is noticeable that there are few if any abandoned houses – the inhabitants evidently see no reason to emigrate.
Bonar, Andrew Graham