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Views from deep-blue Lake Sevan (located at an altitude of 1900 meters, fed by 30 rivers and due to human intervention has dramatically changed its ecosystem) and its peaceful environment with the mountain range as a background.

The lens records the top of a hill overlooking Lake Sevan where the Sevanavank Monastery is perched (built in the 9th century by volcanic black stone and is also known as the Black Monastery), we see the entrance to the monastery and just across the monastery, the snowy peaks of Mount Aragats (a volcanic mountain range with a height of 4,090 meters).


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Bonar, Andrew Graham




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Super 8mm

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Now for a trip into the country. It’s a very small country, so there aren’t many roads or many places to go to. This is one of the places – Lake Sevan, a large lake 6,000 feet above sea level containing a tasty species of trout. The blue water is nice to look at, but it is rather disappointingly bare all round the lake.

On a peninsular jutting out into the lake are the picturesque remains of a 9th-century monastery, which at one time served as a place of refuge for members of the Armenian nobility. Away to the south lies the snow-capped peak of Mt. Aragats, the highest mountain in Armenia.
Bonar, Andrew Graham