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Moving on a provincial road, a motorcyclist appears for a while in the frame from across the road just to let the lens roam freely in the plain with the poppies, the bluets and the daisies with the Castelluccio village perched on the Apennines above the Piano Grande as a background.

Footage from the entrance of the village, the cobbled alleys of the Castle and the panoramic view. The tour continues on the cobbled streets of the village where we take pictures of the beautiful stone houses. Residents with their little ones climb the wide stairs and a group of children sitting in the alley talk to each other or maybe they talk to the cinematographer. We notice that one little girl, being photogenic, faces the lens naturally.

The film closes with views from the buildings of the village, the details on some balconies, the coat of arms at the entrance of a house as a local opens the door, and views from the cars that are moving down the road of the village.

Norcia's Castelluccio (central Italy) is a medieval gem and many tourists go there to enjoy this village. In October 2016, it was severely damaged by an earthquake.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

SD (720x576)



Duration (seconds)

Super 8mm