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Back in the capital it’s time for a little refreshment, we hear the filmmaker’s voice say as we watch footage of a local coffee-house at Pigadia, Karpathos.

We watch young and older people and children who relax in a cafe in the afternoon at the port’s marina. A boat swings in the light waves, stray cats wander among the people and fishermen are cleaning their fishing nets.

The film closes with water reflections and the picturesque houses in front of the port.

Pigadia has been the capital of Karpathos since 1892 when it was moved from Aperi. It is built on the same area where the ancient city of Poseidio was and at the top of the hill are preserved parts of the ancient citadel and the cyclopean walls.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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Back in the capital it’s time for a little refreshment, I think… Then, before the sun goes down we can take another lazy look around the harbour area… observe the activities of the local cat population… watch the fishermen eternally mending their nets… and enjoy the dancing reflections of the boats lolling peacefully on the waters of the little bay.
Bonar, Andrew Graham