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Footage from the train as we approach the pier of the salty Lake Van rich in sodium carbonate and other salts. It is one of the largest lakes in the world without an outlet.

The train reaches the edge of the pier and enters the ship.

People are standing in the ship's garage and a brief shot of the pier, this time through the ship.

Footage of the lake as we travel, the rocks along the coastline, its water, the white peaks of the Pamukkale hills with an exquisite natural effect of long-term salt deposition due to the hot springs of the area.

People are sitting on the ''deck'' of the train, a few more shots of the coastline, and from the pier of the other side of the lake, late in the afternoon, as the filmmaker tells us. The ships door rolls down and the train inside the boat is aligned on the tracks of the pier.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

SD (720x576)



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Super 8mm

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Approaching from the direction of Iran along the recently opened railway we cross over Lake Van and proceed to the extraordinary Valley of Göreme, with its numerous houses, churches and even complete underground cities carved from the volcanic tufa prevalent in this region. We then travel to another breathtaking natural phenomenon, at Pammukale. Here, thermal spring waters laden with calcium carbonate have, over the centuries, created a beautiful white wonderland of pools and basins cascading down the hillside.
Bonar, Andrew Graham