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The film opens with views of the statue by Kostas Dimitriadis where it depicts a discus thrower ready to shoot. The art, that is on display outside Kallimarmaro, is one of three copies that was cast like the rest of them at the Alexis Rudier Foundry (Fonderie Rudier) in Paris in 1924.

Behind the discus thrower on Vassileos Konstantinou Avenue, the Panathinaic Stadium or "Kallimarmaro". We watch views of the stadium and then we stand in front of the marble column where the names of the Royal Successor Constantine and the re-founder of the Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertin are written.

Afterwards, the lens wanders in the marble seats, the track and gives us a view of the horseshoe-shaped form of the stadium.

A final view in one of the columns that dominates the entrance of the stadium which indicates the dates, the venue and the presidents of the IOC of all modern Olympic Games.

The film closes with views from the Acropolis of Athens and the traffic jam on the streets.

Today's Kallimarmaro is on the same site of the ancient Greek stadium which was built by Lycurgus in 329 BC for the Great Panathenaea feast. The first renovation was made by the Heraclitus son of Asklipiadis Athmoneos in 250 BC and the second renovation was inaugurated by Herodes Atticus in 131 AD.

In 1895, with the funding of Georgios Averoff, the renovation of the Stadium was completed, where in 1896 the first modern Olympic Games took place.



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Bonar, Andrew Graham

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