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Katapola is one of the two ports of Amorgos.

The name comes from the words "lower city". The other port is Aigiali. It is the first port of the island and mainly serves Chora which is considered one of the most beautiful Cycladic towns.

The camera captures shots from the ship approaching the port and with the passengers enjoying the view of the port with the white, cube-shaped, traditional houses as well as the port traffic because of the arrival of the ship.

We see a bus and also various trucks and boats loading or unloading goods and other items. However, not too many people are flocking to the port!

We watch the ferry again as it moves away from the island and shows us its rocky and steep shores.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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We’ve arrived at a larger port, the port of Katapola, on the island of Amorgos. There is a buzz of activity as ships, trucks and buses are loaded or unloaded and passengers arrive or depart, with their suitcases or rucksacks. It is quite encouraging to see all this activity because Amorgos is one of the poorer islands, in some danger of depopulation.

Along the northern coast of Amorgos there are strong currents and steep cliffs –not the place to be in a small boat in rough weather.
Bonar, Andrew Graham