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Late April in Moscow and as the snow subsides, pieces of ice float on the Moskva River. A child with a wooden stick in his hand crushes a piece of ice, passers-by walk and parts of the road crack as the road has experienced a slump. A pond give us a magnificent reflection of a building that is mirrored in the water.

The snow has swept away and stacked a lot of items or trash that need to be cleaned and several cars have been trapped in the mud.

Last shot of a yellow crashed car. The voice of the filmmaker informs us that a state car had crashed in it and as a result the wife of a Swedish diplomat was killed .


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Back in Moscow once more it is very definitely the end of the winter. The snow has melted revealing all the muck that has accumulated during the preceding months. Never mind, the Subbotnik is nearly here. That’s the day when to celebrate Lenin’s birthday everyone is supposed to volunteer to clear up the mess after the winter. Indeed the rubbish is gathered up into heaps, but often the effort stops there, and the heaps are scattered again during the following weeks.

Incidentally this car here was hit by a Politburo official car breaking the traffic rules. The driver, a Swedish diplomat’s wife, was killed.
Bonar, Andrew Graham