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We are on the Akti (coast) Kallimasioti in Piraeus. We watch a ship that is full of passengers, owned by Kavounidis brothers. Behind him the Urban Rail Transport building with the majestic dome.

Afterwards, we watch details from the ship on which the filmmaker is traveling, as well as a conversation with one of his friends. Then, we see shots from the building structure alongside the port while we see the movement of vehicles and passengers at its piers. The lens records once again the Urban Rail Transport station, continues through the offices of Agios Georgios Mills, where on the side we can see the façade of the Giannoulatos mansion, and back again to the two friends who look around with vivid interest while chatting.

Then, we watch shots from the moored ships in the port, a ship owned by Efthymiadis that moves slowly to moor, passengers who buy tickets with the discreet presence of the army, and a crowd that boards on the ship. The ship sails from the port and the filmmaker says goodbye by giving us shots alongside the coast, where the Papastratos factory is visible.

The scenery changes and now the ship sails in the Cretan Sea. The filmmaker gives us shots from the mountainous and rocky masses of the cape of Chania and then from the island of Souda where we can see the "Fortezza" fortress .

The film closes with footage from the ship's passengers as it approaches the port of Souda, the passenger boarding and disembarking ladder and the crowd that is gathered on the waterfront waiting for the ship to arrive.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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