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Spili is a mountainous, traditional village built amphitheatrically in the center of the prefecture of Rethymno in Crete, on the western slope of Mount Kedros which is an extension of Psiloritis mountain range.

The film begins with footage taken from a car. We see two women looking at a tree, a flock of sheep on the road with their shepherd, a passing rider on his donkey, a lone small goat and a sign that leads us to the Spili village.

Afterwards, we watch the Holy Metropolis of Lambi, Syvritos and Sfakia which is built on a small hill and dominates the whole Spili village and the surrounding area. Also a part of the huge mountain range of Kedros is visible in the background.

Just after that, we see a panoramic view of the village and a marble inscription that expresses gratitude to the Bishop of Lampi and Sfakia, Isidoros Rousochatzakis, for the construction of the building of the church.

We move into the village where pedestrians and vehicles move around and we have a wonderful view of the houses on the slope of Kedros.

Then, we are in the square of Spili village where we see the most important attraction of the area, the fountain with 25 lion-headed water taps, from which runs crystal clear water from the springs of the village, where we see two women that drinking water.

A view of the houses in the lush landscape, then a shot of the community pumping station with a car parked, and a little further down a large spring.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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