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Meteora is a rock formation, a mixture of sandstone and conglomerate, with an average altitude of 313 meters, which rise outside of Kalampaka in the prefecture of Trikala, in Thessaly, Greece.
The tough access and the wild landscape were a suitable place for Christian monks, so, in the long run, 30 monasteries were created on the tops of some rocks and this is one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, second in importance only to Mount Athos.
In 1989 Unesco included Meteora in the list of World Heritage Sites, as a cultural and natural asset of special importance.

In our first shots, we see three women who approach the filmmaker with happy steps like they’re dancing as the towering rocks are in the background. Then we find the women in front of stalls selling souvenirs to tourists.

With a panoramic shot we leave behind the small open-air market and see elements of the surrounding area and the daily life of the locals, lots of sacks together, a saddled horse, the three ladies that we saw in the begging of the film and the panoramic view stops at rock tops and the monasteries.

The three women and other tourists have reached the height that the area is accessible by car and they are going up to the Monastery of Santa Barbara Rousanou.

The tour continues, we see shots that they make you stand with awe and take your breath away among the rocks and other monasteries and lastly the view of the net that is used to supply the monks with the necessary things or to move them themselves.


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Georgios Apostoleris

HD (1440x1080)



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The aunts from America who have a solemn vow to visit Meteora, came to visit Volos and the family arranges an excursion to Meteora. The access to the Monasteries is difficult and the area is still unexplored. A characteristic feature is the net that lifts food and supplies and the monks themselves in the Monasteries.
Apostoleris Konstantinos