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Thessaloniki is the largest and most populous city in Northern Greece. We are at the premises of the Thessaloniki International Fair, an annual trade-exhibition event that has been established in the city since 1926.

At the north gate of the Exhibition Center, in the foreground we see the sculptural work of the great Greek sculptor George Zongolopoulos. Having won the first prize in a Greek architectural competition, it was placed at the north gate of the exhibition area in 1966. It is 17m high and according to its creator, it abstractly represents the Winged Victory of Samothrace (aka Nike of Samothrace).

The building of the child care and education structure "The child's asylum” is visible in the background.

In a panoramic shot in the Exhibition area, we can see the pavilions of Italy and the Federal Republic of Germany, flagpoles with the flags of the participating states and then we see the building of the Christian Youth Brotherhood of Thessaloniki. The white metal arch marks the south entrance to the Exhibition area, behind it there are apartment buildings on the seafront and the Palais des Sports in the background.

Next shot is the White Tower, a monument-constructed by the Ottomans- emblematic for the city. We are at an intersection, a fountain next to the White Tower, we see the filmmaker with the children who enjoy their walk, the camera records them playing.

The film continues with a shot of the bust of Admiral Votsis, while at the back stands the building of the Society for Macedonian Studies.




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Georgios Apostoleris

HD (1440x1080)



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The group visits the Thessaloniki International Fair, where we watch the sculpture of Egnatia and the Arch of Angelaki. We can see the Pavilions of Germany -Federal Republic as it is written in smaller letters-, of Italy and the people who visit the fair.

Then we go down from the alley of Dore and in front of us is the White Tower. You can see the Fountain that is there in front of the intersection, the port, the square, the Society for Macedonian Studies, etc.
Apostoleris Konstantinos