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We are at a crossroads that, according to the road signs, if we go straight, we head to the village Vatochori, while on the left it leads to the village of Krystallopigi. As it is written on another sign, we are 40 kilometers away from Florina, in Macedonia, in Greece. The filmmaker and his company have made a stop with their car next to a small stone building.

Then, they depart to the mountainous lake area of ​​Prespa, famous for its natural beauty, at an altitude of about 850 meters, with the dominant points being the two lakes: the Great Prespa which is divided between Greece, North Macedonia and Albania, and the Little Prespa which belongs mainly to Greece.

We see a panoramic shot of a part of the Little Prespa, the mountainous volume of Triklari in the background and the island of St. Achilleios which is the second inhabited lake island in Greece (after the island of Ioannina), and last but not least the rocky islet of Vidronisi, a refuge for fowls.

Afterwards, we are on a shore of Great Prespa where visitors with umbrellas and country chairs enjoy the crystal clear blue waters of the lake. The visitors take photographs, children play on the shore and everything shows that there is an infrastructure for swimming in the summer.

A panoramic view of the village of Psarades which is the only Greek village on the shores of the Great Prespa and has been declared a traditional settlement.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

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