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Groups of sailor scouts and forest scouts gather on the road of Volos in the prefecture of Magnesia in Thessaly, Greece and then we find them in a joint scout camp, in the seaside village of Achillion.

The scouts, who wear their uniforms that differ in colors, hats, etc.. depending on the field to which they each belong, walk in the area, line up and take commemorative photos in front of their tents. We see shots of the mast with the Greek flag and banners with the emblems of their teams.

A little further down, some adults take care of the campers' lunch, preparing the tables at which the scouts gather at a slow pace, while others submit the Greek flag and their banners. We see a fire that is set to spend the night and the dinner’s preparation.

The sun is up and the superior scout invites the young ones to a gathering and directs them to the tables for breakfast with the Pagasitic Gulf as a background.

We see a panoramic view of the village, women in various activities, the deep blue sea and the camping area.



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Georgios Apostoleris

HD (1440x1080)



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Achillion of Magnesia, summer 1973. A scout Camp of the 7th Volos Navy Scout Group and the 9th Volos Forest Scout Group jointly. The scouts prepare for the report, salute the Flag on the flagstaff and line up in front of their large fabric camp tents -the tents had been left since the 1955 earthquakes in Volos and were donated to the Local Scout Office of Volos.

Preparations for dinner. The difference of the scout groups is seen in the uniforms of the 7th Navy Scout Group who wear blue uniform, blue scarf, blue socks and the navy hat, and the 9th Forest Scout Group of Volos where the Forest Scouts wear gray uniform, green scarf, socks and the very expensive leather sunhat.

The central flag mast of the camp with handmade fencing. The Flag is raised and all are ready for reporting.

The two leaders of the Groups, Athanasios Pournaras, of the 9th Group of Forest Scouts of Volos and Mimis (Dimitrios) Bairaktaris, of the 7th Group of Scouts of Volos have the general command. We watch Flag hoisting, submission and folding of the Flag in a triangle - like a pie, and change of shift.

The 9th Group of Forest Scouts of Volos is photographed in a line in front of their tent while the counterparts of the 7th Group of Sea Scouts are photographed in front of the mast.

Closing ceremony with bonfire and breakfast overlooking the Pagasitikos gulf - the Leader of the 7th Group is probably not satisfied with the way the scouts arrive at breakfast.
Apostoleris Konstantinos