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The film opens with footage from Buckingham Palace, specifically the façade of the east wing designed and built by Aston Webb in 1913 with stone from Portland Island.

The lens follows the acrobatics of a kids and then focuses on the buds of the blossoming cherries.

Next, the cinematographer walks with a camera in his hand towards the entrance of the palace with the Victoria monument as a background.

In the next shot we watch shots from the traffic on the road and immediately after we are transferred to Lake Serpentine in Hyde Park. The lens wanders in the green landscape and records the passers-by walking along the lake.

He then takes us to a playground immortalizing the joy of the children in the swings, and then in the huge lawns where people relax, play or enjoy their meal.

Aquatic birds bathe in the lake, the filmmaker crosses the bridge that connects the shores of the lake and the Italian gardensnear the Lancaster Gate. A lady with three dogs hurries across the bridge and then we see a sign that informs visitors not to feed the pelicans.

The film closes with footage from the fountains and the multitude of flowers that adorn Hyde Park.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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