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We are in Cologne (Köln), the fourth largest city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich and the largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). It is built on both banks of the river Rhine.

The film opens with passers-by walking down the street and afterwards with footage from Cologne Cathedral or Dom (Hohe Domkirche Sankt Petrus). It is one of the largest and most famous Gothic buildings in the world. It is a Roman Catholic church with the Holy Patron Saint Apostle Peter. It is 157.38 meters high and is the second tallest church in Germany after Ulster Münster and the third tallest in the world.

We see details from the temple’s facade. Its two towers, which are the tallest twin spires in the world. Majestic and impressive, you are in awe with its height and architecture. It has been characterised by UNESCO as "an outstanding work of human creative genius" and in 1996 was declared a World Heritage Site. The foundation stone was laid on August 15, 1248, while the presbytery was inaugurated in 1322. The cathedral was built gradually until about 1520. Then it remained unfinished until the 19th century, when the Romantics became interested in it again. Finally, in 1880, after more than 600 years, it was completed according to the original Gothic designs.

The lens turns and we see the traffic on the streets with the cars and buses of that era and the train station Köln Hauptbahnhof (Cologne Main Station) in the background. A few more shots with the city’s building structure, passers-by and cars, the daily routine, and back to the cathedral. This time, the filmmaker shows us the back side of the cathedral.

The view changes and we watch the Hohenzollern bridge and then the statue of Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia by the sculptor Gustav Blaeser that adorns the edge of the bridge.

The film closes with a final shot of the cathedral and its towers, a passerby who passes in front of the camera and the cars crossing the street.


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Filippou Michail

HD (1440x1080)



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