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Two young men, who are outside a parked Mercedes, greet the filmmaker. They start a trip from Athens to Nafplio, in order to celebrate the Easter of 1969. Behind them, there is a gas station and a sign of the oil company Texaco.

Then, we see shots through the Mercedes while it’s moving on a country road and we cross the mountain ridges of the Prefecture of Argolida.

A group of four young men discuss in a house’s blooming rose garden.

We see a shot in the Argolic Gulf and the edge of the Akronafplia peninsula.

The group of young people is on the beach of Nafplio, in a cafe, close to the so-called “Gyros tis Arvanitias” area.

A shot of the top of the hill, where we can see part of the hotel Xenia, follows. The young people are being photographed, talk, enjoy their trip.

We see a general shot of a side of the Venetian Castle on Palamidi hill as well as a panoramic shot that starts from the Castle of Palamidi and reveals part of the city of Nafplio up to the coastline to Nea Kios. The Mount Artemisio and a unique view of the Argolic plain are visible in the background. We see the southern bastion of the Castle, the Argolic Gulf and the Venetian Fortress Bourtzi on the island of Agios Theodoros, looking like a sailing boat. The young people wander in the Palamidi’s Castle interior as the Greek flag waves between the bastions. General views follow in the Argolic Gulf, on the walls of Palamidi and the roofs of old mansions.

The group walk on the beach of Nafplio, they joke in Filellinon square and walk to the port again. We see the Bourtzi in a close-up shot and we can clearly stand out the tall octagonal tower as well as the semi-circular bastion.

The friends enjoy the sunny day.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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