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We are in the important ancient city of Knossos, in the prefecture of Heraklion on the largest of the Greek islands, Crete.

The Minoan palace, the main visitable area of ​​Knossos, is built a few kilometers outside the city of Heraklion on the Kephala hill, with an easy access to the sea and the interior of Crete.

We see shots from the exterior walls, the colored columns, the corridors, an extensive complex of royal apartments, the stairwells, the warehouses, public spaces and places for religious rituals as well as detail from the top of two columns.

A sign informs us that the point that is recorded by the camera is a flat terrace, a balcony (artificial terrace) for the royal guard and we get a glimpse of ​​the unique frescoes of the palace, which are known worldwide. The next mural comes from the queen's quarters. Dolphins swim among fish, in the waves. One more view in the ruined palace from a different angle and behind the columns is the “Bull fresco".

"Bullfighting", in the next mural, where the athletes performed jumps over bulls. We see a fresco with an octopus, a fresco with a monkey, "The Blue Ladies” fresco, Minoan women who chat with nice dresses, beautifully combed hair and precious jewellery. Minoan ceramic Pithoi (storage jars), among the ruins and the "The prince with the lilies” fresco.

We see a close-up shot on a palace’s half-ruined part, the so-called "procession corridor" of the palace of Knossos. The frescoes entitled "Youth Procession" are preserved.

Lastly, we see the stone horns of a bull, a religious symbol of sanctification, but also a dominant architectural feature.


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Filippou Michail

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