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We are in Switzerland, south of Zurich. The film opens with views of the ski resort and the chalets. We see a family that probably has just arrived and then the filmmaker shows us the gondola type ski lift.

The Swiss flag is waving and we are moved to the chalet’s exterior area which is full of people. A little boy greets the lens while a younger one kisses the hand of a little girl. Then, we see the hotel’s parking lot which is full of cars and several buses of that era.

We see a panoramic view of the Alps, probably taken from the ski lift and the surrounding area. We see the endless view as children and adults admire the landscape. An old man holds an alphorn, a Swiss bronze wind instrument and the woman stands right next to him to take a commemorative photo together as she waves at the camera.

We see shots of lots of people on the mountain who have fun, some of them walking, some of them resting and the filmmaker's family playing snowball fight throwing snow at the camera. The film closes with the Swiss flag and two boys who look at the view through the observatory binoculars.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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