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We are in the Isthmus of Corinth. It is a narrow strip of land that connects Central Greece with the Peloponnese and the canal that has been opened in it connects the Saronic Gulf with the Corinthian Gulf.

The film opens with two women who board on a ferryboat that crosses the Corinth Canal. A tug is already sailing, the ferryboat starts while in the background an outpost with a soldier stands out. We see a sign that says "Cyprus is Greek" and then the lens shows us a panoramic view of the canal.

The women talk, laugh and look at the landscape. We see a view of the canal, the stern and the bow of the ferryboat in which the two women are. In the background, we can see a tugboat that pulls a large ship.

The film closes with shots of the canal and the two women who admire the view.

* The idea of a shortcut so that ships do not sail around the Peloponnese had been considered for a long time by the Ancient Greeks since the time of Periander in 602 BC. but, in November 1869 the Zaimi Government passed a law "on the construction of the Isthmus", which a company or individual would undertake the construction and operation of the project as it was done by the Hungarian general István Türr, who founded the International Maritime Corinth Canal Company. (Société Internationale du Canal Maritime de Corinthe). Due to lack of funds, the project was completed by a company of Andreas Syggros in 1893. The works for the canal were inaugurated on April 23, 1882 in the presence of King George I.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

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