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We are in Mikro Chorio (meaning small village), it is a mountainous village of the Regional Unit of Evritania. It is built in a dense fir forest at an altitude of 950 meters on the slopes of Mount Helidona, on the slope across the Megalo Chorio (big village). It belongs to the Municipality of Karpenisi and is 17 km away from Karpenisi.

The film opens with a road sign that informs us that on the left at 17 km away is Mikro Chorio while at 15 km away Megalo Chorio, there is one more sign that we can stand out the saying “Attention Construction Works are being Done” in the background. We see shots of the route which are taken from inside the moving car and we come across a cow as well as a little further down a woman in black clothes with her loaded donkey a little further down the road.

An overview of the village with the mountain Helidona standing out and back to the road. Up ahead, a goat which the filmmaker follows for a while and finally, arrival in the village.

We see the village’s houses, the filmmaker climbing a hill, going down and then his girlfriend who wanders in the forest coming closer to the river Karpenisiotis. The film closes with the woman throwing stones into the river while playing and smiling in the lens.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



Duration (seconds)

Super 8mm