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We are in Prespes, a municipality of Florina in northwestern Greece, in which are located two of the most important lakes in Greece, the Little Prespa and the Great Prespa Lake.

Prespes is famous for its natural beauty tri-national mountainous lake area on the northwestern border of Greece with Albania and North Macedonia. They are located at an altitude of 857 meters for the Little Prespa and about 852 meters for the Great.

The film opens with a road sign which informs us that Florina is at 18 km straight ahead and Edessa at 53 km on the right. We see footage from the route of a woman who stands on the side of the road taking pictures. The lens shows us the view, the snowy landscape around the area but also a dog that looks at the camera.

Afterwards, a sign tell us that we are in the Prefecture of Florina in the area of ​​Prespa-1972. We see two stopped cars and a group of people who admire the lake and the snowy mountain Varnounta in the background.

A man gets in the stopped car and it moves away. The filmmaker shows us shots from the route and then with a panoramic shot the landscape.
The film closes with the group of friends who explore the area and have fun in the waters of the lake.

*It is worth mentioning that the area is consisted of large shallow zones with swampy vegetation and wetland while the vegetation includes deciduous forests on the highest mountain slopes, reeds and aquatic plants. It has many protected species of flora and fauna and is a protected habitat as part of the Prespa National Park and much of it is included in the Natura 2000 network.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

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