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We are in Tolo, a village in the prefecture of Argolida, which is built alongside a large beach on the shores of the Argolic Gulf and is 8 km away from Nafplio, in Greece.

The film opens with footage from a house of the village Aria while in the background stands the factory of Frangistas. We see villagers doing various chores and the lens focuses on "Koukena", Koukos’ wife and resident of Aria, who stands at the front door of her house.

While the filmmaker shows us the white colour that dominates the exterior of the houses, a young man together with Koukos, a resident of Aria (according to locals) pass in front of the camera. Koukos greets a group of people, the young one stands in a yard looking at a parked car of that era and then together, they carry a lamb and put it in the car’s trunk.

The view changes with a Mercedes-Benz S-Class car of that era (1965-1972) passing in front of the lens with the people who are inside greeting the filmmaker. He gives us a brief shot of the beach as the Mercedes stops and the company gets off. On the beach, people walk alongside the shore and children play on the pier.

Afterwards, a group of men is in an outside area around a table where they have the lamb on it and prepare it for roasting. We see shots from a tavern that is located in front of the sea without people, with the boats standing out in the background and then the company is inside, eating, drinking and having fun.

We watch several cars that are parked outside the tavern with a crowd and a bride with her little bridesmaids. Two tourists are sitting on a rock and enjoying the view of the sea while in the background we can see many moored boats .

The film closes with two women and a man who head towards the filmmaker while behind them we can see a sign that says the name of a hotel by Emm. Skalidis. They sit at a table and the man examines a camera.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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