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We are in Pylos, a seaside town that is located west of the Prefecture of Messinia, in the southwestern Peloponnese, Greece.

The film opens with shots of the town from inside the car while it is in motion. We see panoramic shots of the town’s mountains and plains.

The lens stands in a group of friends who are outside a store and pose with the port and pier in the background. The group looks at the camera and jokes with the filmmaker, who then takes us to the Three Admirals’ Square.

The camera focuses on the Navarino Naval Battle Monument, which is created by the sculptor Thomopoulos. On the three sides of the monument, one can see the figures of the admirals of the three fleets which confronted the Turkish-Egyptian fleet in the Battle of 1827; Codrington, Heyden and DeRigny.

In both sides at the base of the monument, there are two cannons, an Ottoman one and a Venetian one, which are symbols of the civilizations that passed through there. The woman of the group stands in front of the monument for the commemorative photo as she greets the lens.

The film closes with a full panoramic shot of the coastline and the town’s building structure.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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