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We are in Kamena Vourla, a seaside village in the prefecture of Fthiotida, in Greece.

The filmmaker records his company who visit the old Church of St Panteleimon, on Gerasimos Vassiliadis Street. We see parts of the building, its entrance and its bell tower.

Afterwards, we see shots of the group, outside the "Radion Hotel" which is full of oleanders, in the shadow of Mount Knimida. This is a distinguishing feature example of architecture of the 30's, designed by Ger. Molfesis. A pilgrimage of the group’s women in a small iconostasis is the following shot.

Next, we watch an old woman, who is dressed in black clothes and an old man with a cane, with their little goats in the courtyard of a tavern. The women of the company pets the small animals, before they sit down to enjoy their meal in the lush landscape.

A woman tries to ride a saddled donkey, something she achieves with the help of locals and friends who immobilize the animal, and excitedly leads it for a while. The second woman who also tries it, rides it easier and feels comfortable holding his reins.

Last shot, we see a boat crossing the waters of the Evian Gulf.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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