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We are in the Mahmoudiyah Canal, a canal which was built to carry water from the Nile river to Alexandria in northern Egypt.

The film opens with a shot from the canal. We are then transferred to the construction of the rice factory "Commercial Rice Mills", owned by Michail Tziranis.

We see the workers who build the chimney and the rest of the building’s construction while women carry the cement in bags on their heads. The women stand in line to be recorded by the camera and afterwards, as they continue their work they smile at the lens.

The filmmaker shows us various men as well as children and views from the factory’s heavy machinery and the workers. The owner of the factory, Michail Tziranis with his hat poses while pulling another man and points him the camera smiling.

The view changes and we see men in a felucca (a type of a traditional wooden sailing boat) on the canal carrying the cement between the canals. The lens focuses on the sails and then we see the felucca moving.

Back to the factory’s construction where we watch the nailing of the foundation pipe to the sandy subsoil, with a big steam hammer machine. At the same time we see little kids on a donkey with their companions standing right next to them, smiling at the camera.

The film closes with people of all ages watching the construction of the factory’s chimney.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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