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We are in the Port of Piraeus, the largest one in Greece.

The film opens with a white sailboat, the filmmaker follows its course for a while and then shows us from the deck of the ship where he is, two small boats that leave the port as the moored ships can be seen.

We see a general view of the port with the ships and the settlement of Piraeus which is shown vaguely behind them and a panoramic shot with the merchant ships. The lens stands on the deck, captures a man standing on the edge admiring the view. We see a shot with the passenger ships of the port and back to the ship’s deck as the lens captures this time a couple, mainly the woman, who watch the ship’s arrival in the port as well as the countless people waiting.

Afterwards, we see cars, and buses of that era but also the port’s building structure while we see the sign "KOLYNOS" on a building’s roof. The camera shows us the sailors who tie the ropes of the ship, a funnel with black smoke and the boarding of people on the ship.

The film closes with the disembarkation of the travelers as well as the reunion with their people.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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