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In the film we watch the 25th Rally Acropolis which took place in Greece in 1978 (29 May-2June).

The film opens with footage of the road and the rally, we see the cars that compete passing through the lens as well as the people on the side of the road who have come to admire or record the event.

The filmmaker continues with shots from another part of the route, a difficult dirt road with turns and the recording of the rally. We see the Fiat 131 Abarth driven by Munari Sandro and co-driver Mannucci Mario, the Open Kadett GT/E with driver Kulläng Anders and co-driver Berglund Bruno but also the Datsun 160j with number 4, driven by Källström Harry and co-driver Billstam Claes. Next is the Fiat 131 Abarth with number 5, with Röhrl Walter and Geistdörfer Christian, who came first and won the rally and the Lancia Stratos HF with the Greek drivers Siroco and Makrinos Manolis.

The Toyota Celica RA21 with Teerder Jean-Luc and Vial Michel, the Open Kadett GT/E with Warmbold Achim and Sylvan Hans, the Datsun 160j with Mehta Shakhar and Mehta Yvonne, the Ford Escort RS 1800 MKII with number 16 and Coleman Billy and Porter Jim, the Datsun Sunny 210 with Fischer Georg and Gottlieb Harald, the Citroen CX 2400 GTI with Nicolas Jean-Pierre and Lavarne Vincent, the Datsun 160j with the Greek Moschous George and Constantine and the Citroen CX 2400 GTI with Luc Jean-Paul and Cabonnier Bruno follow. The filmmaker makes a close-up shot of the car with the number 20 Lada 1600 with Brundza Stasys and Girdauskas Arvydas that has the advertising sticker of the company Mamidakis.

The lens continues with the Scoda 130 RS and Haugland John Nyborg Per Odvar at the wheels, the Citroen CX 2400 GTI with the Toivonen Henri and Paajanen Juha and takes a break from the race showing us shots from the sky and the helicopter that oversees the race. We get back to the rally and the Toyota Celica RA21 with the number 2 and drivers Andersson Ove and Liddon Henry, the Daihatsu A20 KD with the Greeks Zalmas Stavros and Analytis Spyros, the Toyota Corolla SR TE25 with the Greeks Korres Alkis and Tsoganis Stavros that has the KENWOOD sticker and the Renault 5 TS with the also Greeks Belegris Ioannis and Papastathopoulos Nikos.

We see a shot of the area as well as the helicopter and we return to the rally. We see the Daihatsu A20 KD with Mousourelis Theodoros and Kasapidis Ioannis, the Datsun 120Y with Protopappas Anastasios and Englezos Soulis, the Mazda 323 with Myriallis Panagiotis and Iakovakis Antonis, the Mitsubishi Colt Lancer with Ruedin Hans-Peter and Ender Eckardt, the Toyota Celica RA21 with Fougerouse Pierre and Nanouk, the Datsun P610 with Politos Vassilis and Kounanis A., the Mazda 323 with Stivachtaris Antonis and Andritsos Andreas with an advertising sticker of the company GOODYEAR, the Ford Escort RS 2000 MKII with the Eni and Tsantoula Alekos.

Next, the filmmaker is on a mountain near the town of Itea. The camera captures two men, one sitting and the other taking pictures, poppies and the route of the rally from a great height. We get back to the rally and a different part of the route with asphalt but quirky and uphill turns. We see once again the winners with car 5, the Fiat 131 Abarth with Alen Markku Kivimaki Ilka, but also several cars that we had seen in the foreground as well as the Toyota Celica TA22 with Gallo Evangelos and Arkenti Andreas, the Skoda 130 RS with Zapadlo Miloslav and Motal Jiri.

The film closes with the Mazda RX-3 and Torres Carlos de Almeida Pedro and a close-up shot of two men talking.

*The Acropolis Rally is one of the oldest and most important car races. It was started by ELPA in 1951 and is now part of the World Rally Championship (WRC). It is considered one of the most demanding and competitive Rally of the championship.



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Papadimos Dimitrios




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Super 8mm