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We are in Mytilene, a city that is built on the southeastern tip of the island of Lesbos, in Greece.

The film opens with footage from the castle of Mytilene. It is one of the largest castles in the Mediterranean, covering an area of ​​200 acres, which is divided into three parts: Upper, Middle and Lower. We see part of the bastion of the Upper castle which is located in the south and west point and there is the Central West Gate, the Queen’s Tower with the family coats of arms of the Gattilusi and the ruins of the Ottoman mosque Kulé Mosque which was built on a Christian church of St. John that was dated from the Gattilusio Period.

The filmmaker focuses on a woman who is inside the castle and then we see a view of the port, vaguely the city in the background and the lighthouse with a filmmaker’s close-up shot.

Afterwards, a family stands at a castle’s gate and with a panoramic view we see the middle castle, the largest section that was formed by the Gattilusio. The buildings of the Ottoman period, that are preserved, are: the gunpowder store, an Ottoman Seminary, the Madrassa, a Tekke Islamic monastery, a Military Hospital-Prison, a bath-house and a Fountain. There is even an underground cistern that can store 400 cubic meters of water.

A man stands on a rampart and admires the view. We see some yellow flowers and back to the castle with a short shot of its interior and the gunpowder store in Megalos Perivolos. One more panoramic view with the whole city, the port and the green pine tree.

The film closes with views from the walls of the middle castle and the bastions as well as the statue of Liberty that is located in the area of ​​Tsamakia and more specifically in the place where until 1922 the fortress of Kastreli was located. The creator is said to be the sculptor Grigorios Zevgolis, while the design was edited by the Lesbian painter Georgios Iakovidis.


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Papadimos Dimitrios




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Super 8mm