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We are on the road to Kastoria, a city of Macedonia, in Greece. The film opens with a road sign which informs us that we are in the village of Dispilio, a large settlement in the prefecture of Kastoria.

The filmmaker makes a stop and shows us a panoramic view of the area with the city of Kastoria looking vaguely across the lake as it is built on the peninsula of Lake Orestiada, between the two mountains Grammos and Vitsi or Verno which stand out in the background. With a filmmaker’s zoom in shot, we can see the city of Kastoria better.

According to the road sign, we have arrived in Kastoria. A woman enjoys her coffee while reading a book, smiles at the camera and admires the view, afterwards a man has his breakfast. We see a panoramic view, with Lake Orestiada and the snow-capped mountains in the background. The woman is out in the nature, takes pictures and breaks the ice that has formed on the ground with her heels. Her tour continues and the camera focuses on one of the many mansions that Kastoria has. An overview of the area and after the woman's breath we can see how cold it is. A piece of paper stuck on a door that says "VOTE SISTOVARI" and shots from the city with its houses.

The lens stands in the church of Virgin Mary Kastriotissa or Koumbelidiki, a name that prevailed since the Turkish occupation and comes from the Turkish word "koumbes" which means dome, due to the fact that it was the only church in Kastoria that had a dome. Architecturally, the church is the only one in Kastoria that belongs to the type of triconch inscribed in a square and is one of the most famous and most important monuments of Macedonia. The filmmaker's girlfriend continues her tour and he shows us its building and architectural structure. city. Back to the hotel, a car is about to start and shots from the city’s buildings continue. The lens focuses on a sign that says “TSOUKAS BROS. FURRIES entrance next door ”while the woman takes commemorative photos of the landscape.

The film closes with the promenade and the woman photographing the landscape, the ducks and the swans that exist as it is a rich wetland with birdlife that hosts over 200 species of birds.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




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Super 8mm