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We are in Vilia (formerly Eidyllia), a mountainous village in Attica that is built on the slopes of Cithaeron, in Greece. The altitude of Vilia starts from 500 meters and ends at about 700 meters.

The film opens with the village. We see views from its streets with the mountainous mass of Cithaeron standing out. On a street, many passers-by, cars of that era and the Christmas tree in the square that has in its peak an ornament with the year 1969. Well-dressed men come and go while a sign that says “petrogaz” (a popular brand of Liquefied petroleum gas) is visible and as well as a sign of the dictatorship of the colonels (which ruled Greece from 1967-74) reading "no to communism - yes to the nation".

The view changes and we see a white car in a forest with a woman who wears a white coat coming out of it, an old man comes towards the camera and a woman in a blue coat picks up the leaves.

The lens gives us shots from the small church of Saint Paraskevi, which is located in the area of ​​Kriemadi and the old man who admires the landscape while later he collects medlars from the tree. We see a shot of the area, the woman in the white coat in the background and views from the chapel. The old man and the woman enjoy the nature and then she picks flowers behind the church. The filmmaker shows us footage from the church’s interior with a woman in front of the icons and then his company who admires the view. The film closes with the two women sharing flowers.



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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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