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We are in the Monastery of Mega Spileo (great cave). The monastery is located ten kilometers northeast of Kalavrita and is built at the opening of a large natural cave (hence its name) of the Chelmos mountain range, above the steep ravine of the Vouraikos river, at an altitude of 899 meters.

The film opens with people walking on the path to the building complex while some are riding donkeys. A woman greets the lens and then the filmmaker focuses on another woman who approaches him happily. An overview of the people who goe up the hill, the imposing volume of Chelmos and the monastery that can be seen in the background. Afterwards, we see a close-up shot of the woman as she smiles at the filmmaker, a panoramic view of the area and the visitors’ climbing.

The camera shows us footage from the impressive landscape, the eight-storey complex of the Monastery with the imposing rocks. Two women, an elderly one and a little girl hold and pet a donkey. The camera returns to the visitors who have almost reached the monastery but also to a car coming towards it. We see a shot from the monastery’s interior with a monk who offers a beverage to the people who are there. Afterwards, the lens gives us views from the monastery exterior area, the view, the building complex, the crowd who explores the area as well as a panoramic view with the carved rock.

The view changes with women who ride donkeys descending the path this time as they greet the camera. Lots of people, some go up and some go down as the car passes. Some continue their descent on donkeys and a stop on a green meadow to rest. Back to the route, the filmmaker shows us once again the descending as well as the path from above. A short shot with the filmmaker's family all standing for the commemorative photo looking at the lens.

The film closes with views from the descent and part of the route.



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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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