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We are in Kato Zachlorou, a mountainous village in the former province of Kalavrita in the prefecture of Achaia. It is built at an altitude of 623 meters on the slopes of one of the mountains of Chelmos that surround the gorge of the Vouraikos river.

The film opens with the village's square and the train of the "odontotos" rack railway that passes between the people and the square’s traditional cafe. There are several passers-by and children around. The lens stands on a crowed tavern table with a group of friends who drink and eat. Two women are walking in the village while we see that it is full of visitors. The women stand in a tourist shop and browse through the products.

The filmmaker shows us the movement in the village with locals and passers-by while some of them ride donkeys to go to their jobs. We get back to the tavern with the group of friends having fun. Couples dance and the lens focuses on one of them. The man smiles and then we watch the other couples. The view changes for a while with a woman who holds a bouquet of yellow flowers as right next to her an elderly woman with a cane is looking at her.

The film closes with the couples dancing and the dance that changes to a Greek traditional dance named “Kalamatianos”.



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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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