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We are at the airport of Ellinikon International Airport, which was the international airport of Athens for over 60 years, until March 2001, when it was closed and replaced by the Athens International Airport.

The film opens with the airport’s entrance. With the filmmaker’s panoramic shot, we see the whole building complex, taxis as well as cars in the parking lot. We see a shot with luggage trolleys and an Olympic’s plane in the air. Olympic Airlines (OA) was the flag carrier airline of Greece. In March 2009, the Greek State announced it had reached an agreement to sell the flight operations, ground handling operations and technical base of the group to Marfin Investment Group. The new company is called Olympic Air and has been operating since October 1, 2009.

Afterwards, the lens stands on the runways with the Olympic’s aircraft parked, passenger buses and a plane that has probably just landed and approaches, in the background. With one more panoramic shot, the filmmaker shows us the aircraft of the Olympic fleet as well as the cars that are there for daily work, we single out the Airbus A300-600R, Boeing (Jumbo) 747, Boeing 737-400.

We see the flight schedule that informs us that the flights from Larnaca and Paris have landed while the flight from Stuttgart has not landed yet.



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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




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Super 8mm