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The filmmaker is in a moving car on the National Road Agrinio-Rio, in the Prefecture of Aetolia-acarnania, in western Central Greece and gives us shots of the mountains that surround the road.

Two road signs point to Messolonghi and Agrilia. The car crosses the road next to the walls of the city of Messolonghi, a fortification that was built during the Greek Revolution against Ottoman rule. We pass through the arched Historic Gate of the Sacred CIty and enter the Garden of Heroes, an area in which during the battle for independence the fighters of the guard of the Sacred Town of Messolonghi fought and were buried.

We see a shot on a locomotive engine, a remnant of old railway lines. The filmmaker's companion approaches the bust of the fighter General Georgios Kitsos. The woman observes the landscape with the tall palm trees, pines and eucalyptus trees as she walks on the cobbled streets. We see a close-up shot on the bust of the fighter Spyros Kontogiannis with the signature of its creator, sculptor Nikolaos Georgantis. The woman approaches the walls’ interior area with battlements and cannons. A young man walks on the lawn of the Garden, the benches are revealed.

Afterwards, we have a shot from the Cross at the top of the Tomb, in which the bones of those who fell in the struggle for freedom were placed. We also see the marble lion, that was donated by King Otto and Queen Amalia, at the top of the Tomb, as well as the statue of the Philhellene English poet, Lord Byron, who died at the side of the Greek revolutionaries in Messolonghi.

Views through the city of Messolonghi with a shot in a traditional two-storey building, which housed the local offices of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement party (PASOK).



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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




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Super 8mm