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We are in Kenya, a country in Eastern Africa.

The film opens with the tour bus and a woman getting in. We see the lush landscape, the wildlife with the Cape Buffalo in the shot, as well as one of the lodge, through the moving bus. This is the Aberdare National Park where visitors can find different types of accommodation, such as the Ark which we see in the shots (which is built in the shape of Noah's Ark) as well as a great view of the wildlife. A woman sees the view from the window of the lodge and then the lens focuses on a man.

The filmmaker shows us the landscape with a panoramic view while the group of visitors is located in the area of which offers view of the whole park. A woman is taking pictures with her camera, while next to her is one more woman with her camera. The filmmaker shows us the place that is full of giant forest hogs and focuses on one of them.

The woman with the camera drinks her coffee while enjoying the view and the filmmaker takes a close-up shot at the Olympus camera. A man jokes with the filmmaker showing his own camera and he gets back to nature and the giant hogs. Two of which are looking for food while two little ones are following their mom. We get back to the lodge and see its entrance that says "The Ark".

The film closes with the giant hogs and one of them drinking water.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




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Super 8mm