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We are in Victoria, the largest city and capital of the Seychelles. Its location is at the southeastern tip of Mahé Island, the archipelago's main island.

The film opens with the entrance to the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke market, an emblem of the Seychelles. This national landmark was built in 1840 and is the main market in the capital city of Victoria. The stalls sell fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. They also have a variety of local spices and herbs as well as many local craft and souvenir kiosks such as pareos (sarongs) and shirts. We see crowds of people shopping with the filmmaker standing on the fish stalls. The fishmongers present a wide variety of seafood, from parrotfish to barracuda and we see them cleaning the fish or dividing it into portions.

The recording continues on a stall with vegetables and the lens stands on a kind of heron (cattle egret) that flies over the market. We get back to the fish stalls and the filmmaker shows us the crowd of locals that exists as well as visitors who record with their camera.

The film closes with people having bought fish as well as many herons that are there.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




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Super 8mm