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We are at the Elliniko International Airport, which was the international airport of Athens for over 60 years, until March 2001, when it was closed and replaced by the Athens International Airport.

he film opens with people who have gathered in the Maneuvering Field as an YS-11 aircraft "Zakynthos Island" of Olympic Airways arrives and stops, while in the background a SAS aircraft is in motion. We see people waiting for their own while the lens stands on the Boeing 737-284B SX-BCD "Hephaestus" of Olympic, while another aircraft of the same company is preparing for takeoff.

Many aircraft of Olympic Airways and other companies are at the airport, taking off or landing, while there are Mobil tankers in the area. A KLM plane lands and a Lufthansa plane takes off.

The filmmaker records the movement on the Runways and stands on a DC8 Skyland. Then, the camera shows us a Sud Aviation Caravelle moving and a stopped Boeing 707. We see people boarding "Hephaestus", while next to it is the same type plane "Apollo". At the same time we see a Boeing 727 in the air.

We return to the rest of the planes with a Middle East Boeing 707, a Boeing that has arrived while a Beechcraft Bonanza follows. The shots at the airports of Elliniko continue and the camera stands on an Airbus A300, a Boeing 707 as well as the take-off of an Airbus A300 of Air France.

The film closes with a Lufthansa plane in the air and people loading their luggage into a car.



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Chatzidakis Georgios




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Super 8mm