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We are in Corfu, one of the northernmost and westernmost islands of Greece and the Ionian Sea.

The film opens with the opening credits informing us that we are about to watch the “27 CIRCUIT DE CORFU” in August 27, 1967. The filmmaker shows us a general shot of the area where the rally will take place and the people who have gathered to watch it. We see the participating cars parked with plenty of spectators around as well as people who check out the last details.

The lens records some test laps, a driver who gets out of the car and then stops on a banner that says "DEPART". The cars take their place and the race organizers pay attention to every detail. The camera stops for a while on Giorgos Meimaridis and Lakis Fotiadis who had the Alfa Romeo dealership as we also see a short shot of the drivers standing for the commemorative photo.

The filmmaker shows us the start and then highlights of the race with the Mini Cooper S driven by Zalmas, one more Mini Cooper S driven by Giorgos Meimaridis, the number 2 Cobra 427 driven by Chapman, the number 9 Alfa Romeo GTA driven by Ioannis Meimaridis who won the first place, the Chevy Corvette Stingray with number 1 and driver Pesmazoglou who came second and the BMW 2000 TISA with number 8 and driver Eiporch who came third, standing out.

The camera pans briefly on the spectators as well as the street police who are there to keep the race running smoothly and then focuses on the people holding specially designed signs to inform the competitors of the time they achieved in the previous lap. We get back to the race with the filmmaker filming a driver who has got out of the car and talks to some people while looking quite tired and afterwards, back to the people who are making the signs to inform the drivers.

The film closes with the end of the race, the winner who smiles at the camera and the winning car with a crowd of people surrounding it.

It is worth mentioning that Giannis Meimaridis was killed in a circuit (Rhodes) a few years later and since then circuits were banned in cities.




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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




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Because we were friends with the Meimaridis brothers and Lakis Fotiadis, my sister and I went to Corfu to watch the race! Giannis was the odds-on favourite since the start and he won indeed!
Athanasoglou Nikolaos