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We are in Volissos, the largest village of northwestern Chios, at a road distance of 42 kilometers away from the city of Chios.

The film opens with the church of Transfiguration of Jesus. We see the bell tower, the church as well as a panoramic view of the area with the rich vegetation. Afterwards, the lens shows us a yard of a house and stands for a while on the flower pots that are outside the door. The filmmaker gives us one more panoramic shot of the courtyard with the arbor standing out. Then, we see an elderly man coming out of the house with a tin and watering the pots. Two little girls enter the shot and go next to him and smell the flowers.

Then we see the family in a lush landscape. The lens focuses on the woman who cuts a fruit from the tree and eats it while smiling and behind her we the rest of the family.

The view changes and we see the farm, with the family harvesting. The filmmaker stops on the elderly woman who holds a green pumpkin in her hands and follows her as she gathers or checks the crop.

The film closes with the elderly man harvesting something and giving it to the young woman while standing in front of the camera.


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Papandreou Nikolaos




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Our father's house was on the hill of the castle and by grandfather's wish we had flowers in pots everywhere which he watered with a tin pot. The flowers we had, were carnations, roses, basil and, at Easter, lilies.

I was born there in 1933 and lived there until 1952, then I moved to Athens and came back only in the summer as a vacationer.

The house had two rooms and the family consisted of 6 people, 2 parents and 4 children. On the house’s ground floor were the animals for years and when the animals were no longer there, we built a kitchen, a bathroom, a room and a storeroom.

1967 in the farmland at the windmill which was the largest field in Volissos with an area of ​​3.5 acres. It had plenty of water due to a river running underneath, and we planted a garden there. The gardens then were for the family, there was no more crops to exploit but there was sufficient crops for the needs of the family.
It had fig trees in it and a vine. In the orchards then they had citrus fruits, while in the farms they planted the gardens.
Papandreou Nikolaos