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We are in Meteora, a complex of dark colored sandstone rocks that rise outside Kalambaka in Thessaly. The monasteries of Meteora, which are built on the tops of some of the rocks, are today the second most important monastic complex in Greece, after Mount Athos. Of the thirty that existed historically, today only six are in operation, which, since 1988, have been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The film opens with the giant rocks and the Varlaam men's Monastery, on top of a steep cliff, and then we see views of the impressive landscape. The lens shows the monastery of Saint Nikolaos Anapausas and gives us one more general shot of the area with the snowy peaks of Pindos as a background.

The view changes with the people who visit the monastery of Varlaam and a grazing lamb. The filmmaker gives us a better look at the Varlaam Monastery with the two domes standing out and a couple who are in the bell tower. We see views from an open-air market, people who visit the monastery and we get back to the views from the rocks and the area.

The lens shows us the Monastery of Great Meteoron and the tower of the Vrizonion that housed the mechanism of the net which was formerly used by the monks for their access to the monastery.

The film closes with a couple crossing a bridge and two men, with one of them playing the recorder and holding a small goat.



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Kirimlidis Dimitris




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