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We are at Baitings Reservoir, a large water supply reservoir operated by Yorkshire Water near Ripponden in the Pennines of West Yorkshire, England.

The film opens with shots of the area where the car racing is taking place. We see parked cars, buses, and spectators gathered to watch the event. The lens captures a glimpse of a young woman and then shifts to focus on the dam.

The scene transitions to the racing cars lining up, predominantly Mini Coopers. The filmmaker revisits the woman, seemingly engrossed in reading, before cutting to footage of the race featuring the number 1 Mini Cooper, the number 3 Ford Anglia, another Mini Cooper numbered 4, and two distinctive Ford Anglias.

Intermittently, the camera switches between the woman and the race before settling on a young man. We are shown the number 23 Ford Cortina encountering a problem, swiftly attended to by mechanics. Following this, shots of a later model Ford Anglia, a Ford Escort with the number 31, and Ford Cortinas numbered 37 and 43 are presented. The recording continues, capturing moments of potential triumph and the animated crowd witnessing the race.

The film concludes with the young man approaching the camera with a smile, the bustling crowd on the dam’s bridge, and the woman heading towards a car.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




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Super 8mm

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I went, with my girlfriend when I was a student, the cars and their owners were not professional car racing, they did it mostly for fun... it was a race but it was organised by a local group.
Athanasoglou Nikolaos