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Granada is the name of a city and a province in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain.

The city still has many of the superb buildings that date back to Moorish rule (11th to 15th century), the most prominent among them being the Moorish Alhambra palace.

The film begins with the cinematographer’s companion climbing the stairs that lead to the palace, while in the background one can see two uniformed men.

This is followed by a shot of the cinematographer enjoying the panoramic view of Granada from the hill on which the Alhambra is built.

A shot follows with the complex of buildings comprising the palace, with towers, turret, and walls decorated with glazed tiles to form complex geometrical designs. The tiles adorn the lower walls with vivid colours, while the palace also contains intricately carved columns and arches, symmetrically arrayed, and decorated windows and ceilings. The gardens are splendid, full of plants, fountains, pools with goldfish and a larger fountain in the Court of the Lions.

The cinematographer’s companion cleans the windscreen of the car. The following shots are on the road: a general view of the Alhambra, a break for a meal, and the journey continues with the car driving along roads lined with trees


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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