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The film starts with footage from a small mosque where we can see the unadorned lines of the building in contrast to the ornate minaret and then views from the natural landscape of the area.

The tour continues with the filmmaker and his friends who park at a coastal spot. The lens stands for a while in the filmmaker’s friends, wanders to the coast until it meets four barefoot children capturing the poverty. The three older girls wear the hijab while the smallest wears a bracelet on her ankles.

We are transported to the Commonwealth war cemetery, passing through the gate, we see parallel rows of graves (each grave is headed with the name of the deceased, a small obituary and the unit in which he belonged) and in the background the cross of sacrifice. At the base are the words "Their name liveth for ever more”. Monuments have been built in this cemetery to honor the fallen of the countries that fought with the British troops (Greece, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia).

The tour continues at the German cemetery, an ossuary built in the style of a medieval fortress containing the remains of 4,200 German soldiers. The lens stands on the sign and then takes views of the ossuary and the locals who are near its entrance.

The last stop is the Italian cemetery, which is a mausoleum containing 5,200 tombs, most of them marked “IGNOTO” (ie. unknown). We watch footage of the marble tower which is the main structure of the burial monument and then, views from the altar in the museum and the monument of "Carrista del Deserto", formed by the tower of Carro Armato M13/40 with tank RE 3700.


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Filippou Michail

HD (1440x1080)



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