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The sun rises above the roofs of the houses and the milkman leaves the milk on the doorstep. The windows open for the morning houseclean and the bed linens are hung out on balconies and terraces, welcoming the sun.

Once a week, the Galatsi street market was filled with producers advertising their products and people who leave with their carts full. Green tents for protection from the sun or rain and below them, a colorful mosaic of benches with all kinds of goodies, even paintings. In a basket, Themistocles poses in a 100 drachmas banknote printed in 1954.

A toddler goes through with his basket, pushing someone, and oh, the broken eggs could have been an omelette under the hot sun. Someone else tastes an olive, he really likes them and fearlessly continues the free meal until he is chased away by the seller. One more view on the stalls with the merlin oranges at six and a half drachmas (currency in Greece before euro) and the softex toilet paper company is shown from inside the boxes. Social interactions, smiles and oops, a seller leaves a huge female underwear in plain sight.

People leave and head to the 7th tram stop, but board on the bus.

After the flea market, the landscape looks like a war zone with the roads being full of vegetables and wooden boxes or baskets, until the garbage truck of the Municipality arrives and the street cleaners clean up the mess.

Once a week, the main streets of Galatsi are a whirring crowd, once a week the brooms of the street cleaners suffer.



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Delis Angelos

HD (1440x1080)



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Around 1965, every morning, the milkman brought the milk, the ice vendor brought the ice and they put them "on receipt" on the steps of the low-rise houses. Once a week the housewives necessarily went to the street market, which at that time was very large, because the area had not yet been heavily built.

Such a street market is recorded by the camera in the area of ​​the then Community of Galatsi, when the houses were few, while the main avenue had creeks on both (left and right) sides so the water from rain will flow. It was that time when the holidays and national anniversaries were celebrated on the still unbuilt plots, with roasts, feasts and songs.
Delis Angelos