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Alonnisos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea and belongs to the island complex of the Sporades. We are on a boat, sailing to Patitiri which is the port and capital of the island and we have the chance to see panoramic views of the southeastern part of Alonnisos as we’re getting closer.

At the edge of the harbor there is a small beach which seems to have been the filmmaker’s destination. We see a small speedboat that refuels, a canoe a little further away, people who swim, mostly children and a small panoramic view from the green hill of the settlement which makes the port’s waters serene.

We see small fishing sloops, fishing boats, two large boats, probably ferryboats, a stone pier as well as other small and larger boats in the marina. A man, who is loaded with sacks, passes to the right of the frame as he’s going uphill.

Again at sea, we see a panoramic view of Patitiri, shots from the beaches of the island but also of the green lush landscape, a few scattered buildings as well as a boat that quickly crosses the waters of the Aegean and at the end, images of the filmmaker’s fellow travellers.


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Georgios Apostoleris

HD (1440x1080)



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