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We are in the center of Athens in Greece, January 17, 1964, when a heavy snowfall that froze the whole country came to cover in snow the capital, a rare phenomenon for the region.

The filmmaker, from the high terrace of the "Evangelismos" hospital, records a film full of snow that has covered trees, streets, roofs of apartment buildings and other buildings. The camera turns and we see the Evangelismos hospital and a general view of Lycabettus Hill and its snow-covered slopes.

In the courtyard of Marasleio school, children have fun playing snowball fight. A woman walks carefully on the slippery sidewalk of Ypsilandou Street, behind the park of Evangelismos Hospital. Cars, road and trees are covered in snow, a couple waves farewell to two women, greets the filmmaker laughing and gets into the car. The movement of the vehicles is difficult, a few people walk around on Marasli Street. We see a kiosk with its tents, full of snow.

Then we move to Panepistimiou Street where in front of the magnificent neoclassical buildings of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the National Library, we see adults rejoicing in the phenomenon as well as a blissful dog ​​leaping between them. In front of the National Library is the statue of Panagi Vallianos, one of the three brothers who financed the construction of the building.

We see shots from Alexandras avenue and in an apartment building, a woman tries with a dustpan to clean her balcony from the snow, then goes up to the terrace and enjoys the amazing view.

We see a balcony with fer forgé (wrought iron) furniture covered in snow.



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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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