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We are in the town of Volos, Thessaly in Greece and it is March 25, the national holiday of the Greek War of Independence of 1821, against the Ottoman Empire.

In our first shots, we see scouts in scattered groups, slowly lined up in sections. The filmmaker follows them in the streets of Kassaveti, Argonauton, Demitriados as he records with the camera the march of the Greek flag and then the alignment and parade of the scouts. A traffic warden is in his post at an intersection.

The parade reaches the coastal Iasonos street of Volos where it continues by crossing a large part of the beach, while towards the end of the film we see the scouts that pass in front of the emblematic building for the city, the tobacco warehouses of Papastratos, a building that has been renovated and today houses the Dean's Office and administrative services of the University of Volos. On the walls of the building, we see advertising posters of cigarettes of the homonymous tobacco industry.

The scouts hold banners with the emblems of their organizations.




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Georgios Apostoleris

HD (1440x1080)



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March 25, 1973. The Local Scout Office of Volos prepares for the parade. All the children and executives gather in Kassaveti street, in front of the offices of the Scout Region and some scouts wait for the Flag as they sit on the sidewalk of Kassaveti & Konstanta st corner. A typical car model of that era, a Morris 1100 and the Kassaveti street going in both directions.

It is the turn of the 9th Forest Scout Group of Volos and they have a person who holds the Flag. The Flag is coming up and all the Groups go down in line for the parade in Argonauton street, they pass in front of the traffic policeman in Demitriados & Iolkos streets, you can even see the lines of the train on the road.

On the beach of Volos, except from the impeccable (!) formation of the scouts, we can see the "ROYAL" building under construction, the "REX" and "TITANIA" cinemas, the taverns -yards and restaurants of that era- and advertisements on the outer walls of the "Papastratos" building.
Apostoleris Konstantinos